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Personal data policy
Your privacy is and has always been important to us, and we want you to understand how your personal data is handled by us and our partners. Hybris is responsible for the information you share with us and in this policy we describe how your data is processed, stored and how it is handled by us and our partners.

Compilation of our personal data policy
Hybris (Shirtstore) is responsible for the processing of the personal data that you as a customer provide to us. Personal data is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you. Your personal data will be processed by Hybris/Shirtstore to administer the entire customer relationship and its flow as well as for marketing purposes. Hybris/Shirtstore and our partners process your personal data to be able to offer you, for example, a secure payment process, to be able to complete purchase agreements, delivery, complaints, customer service, etc. Personal data is also used to ensure your identity and perform credit assessments. The data is used for Hybris' own part and for our partners, as well as to fulfill applicable legal requirements in general. Hybris safeguards the protection of the personal data we handle and has taken measures to protect this data. You have the right to request information about the data concerning you, such as an extract of registered data, that registered data be changed and that your registered data be deleted. (Unless other legislation such as the Accounting Act prevents this) You also have the right to correct incorrect information and to opt out of receiving further direct marketing communications.

Who are we as personal data controllers?
Shirtstore is operated by Hybris Production AB with headquarters in Trelleborg, Sweden, organization number 556643-5730. Hybris Production is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hybris Holding organization number 556888-9439. Hybris is responsible for the information and data that we store or that you provide to us, for example, this can be information you provide on the website, via telephone, email, customer service matters, chat or in other ways.

Our contact details are: kundtjanst@shirtstore.se Hybris Production AB, Registered office: Stävievägen 312-80, 23193 Trelleborg, Sweden Visiting address: Genvägen 1D, 23162 Trelleborg, Sweden Telefon (+46) 0410-35 35 00

What scope of application does this personal data policy apply to?
Our personal data policy is applied to everyone who uses, visits, registers or shops from our website, the policy is also applied to activity and use of our social media, apps, competitions and the like. What we call personal data in this policy refers to such data where someone, individually or combined with other information, can identify a user as a natural person.

What data is collected and how is it used?
Our endeavor is always not to collect more data than we need in order to be able to fulfill our obligations towards you who use our website or as a buyer of our products, however, various data are collected even if a purchase is not completed, e.g. for statistics, analysis of purchasing behaviour/traffic as well as marketing and the like. GDPR-General DataProtectionRegulation is a law that determines how personal data must be handled and protected, and according to this law we are the personal data controller for the personal data we store and handle.

Our goal is always to handle all personal data with the greatest care and with our customers' right to privacy as a moral standard. Hybris has taken measures for many years to protect the data we process through both technical and internal organizational precautions. Even internally, it is limited who within the company has access to various personal data.

Hybris as personal data assistant
On specific occasions and situations, Hybris can also act as a personal data assistant for other companies in order for a purchase or a function in the store to work.

Assistants to Hybris
As the data controller, we also make use of assistants in many different situations. Between Hybris and these subcontractors there are agreements that regulate how the subcontractor is allowed to handle the data we jointly share. The assistants are also responsible in all situations for complying with the GDPR legislation and that the data is handled in accordance with the agreement and legislation.

How cookies are used
Hybris Production AB uses cookies and other tracking technology to give you access to all functions on the website, customize your user experience, perform analysis and deliver personalized advertisements on our websites, in our apps and in our newsletters on the internet and in social media.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your device – for example your computer or smartphone – when you access our websites. We use cookies and similar technologies to make our website work efficiently and to make your user experience safer and more personalized. When we refer to cookies, we mean: first- and third-party cookies, tracking pixels and plug-ins, including technologies from third-party publishers, other tracking technologies. All cookies have a publisher, which shows who the cookie belongs to. The publisher is the owner of the domain specified in the cookie. When you visit our website, we place cookies on your device for various reasons. Such cookies are called first-party cookies. Cookies placed by a third-party company, such as social media platforms or ad network or ad technology providers, are called third-party cookies. 

You can easily prevent your browser from receiving cookies by changing your browser's cookie settings. All commercial browsers have functions for managing cookies. Look in your browser to find out how to delete or turn off cookies, etc. If you choose to turn off cookies, it may happen that the functions are limited or that your user experience deteriorates.

Key Domain Valid Description
_gid google.com 1 day Google Analytics
_ga google.com 2 years Google Analytics
_gat google.com 1 minute Google Analytics
_fbp facebook.com 3 month Facebook

Here you can read more about how Google uses your data Here you can read more about how Meta / Facebook uses your data

How do we use personal data in direct marketing?
Hybris also works with what is called direct marketing, this can for example include the newsletters sent by us via e-mail, retargeting via advertisements on websites other than our own, collaborations with advertisers, via social media and various customer clubs. Our goal is always that this marketing should be as relevant as possible to the person to whom the information is directed.

Transfer of information
Hybris and our subcontractors save and store personal data and accounting documents within the EU. (For our Norwegian customers also in Norway) We do not sell any data to 3rd parties, but everyone who has access to the data we are responsible for has access to them in order for us to be able to fulfill our commitments to customers and authorities as well as for Hybri's own interest of driving sales.

Your rights that have personal data registered with Hybris
A big difference compared to previous legislation and its interpretation is that today you have the right to understand and must be informed about your rights over your data and how your personal data is processed. We have therefore compiled a list of the different personal data processing that we carry out to give you an overall picture of the purpose, the legal basis and how long different data is saved. Once a year, you have the right to make a request for a register extract from us, where you can see what data we have saved about you. You have the right to request that we correct information if we have registered someone who is incorrect. You have the right to have your data deleted under certain conditions. If the data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected, if the data is stored with your consent and you withdraw your consent, if the processing is based on a balancing of interests and this can no longer be considered relevant, if the personal data has been processed without a legal basis or if you not interested in direct marketing. You also have the right to have your personal data moved, what is called data portability, you have the right to request that the processing and that the collected data is limited, however, in cases where the processing takes place in order for us to be able to fulfill an obligation such as a purchase or customer service matter, you have also the right to complain to us or www.integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.se and object to certain processing. Please note that your right to "be forgotten" and have personal data deleted does not apply if there is other legislation that conflicts with this right, for example we are legally obliged to save accounting records for 8 years. If you would like a detailed list of the personal data processing that occurs with us, you are welcome to contact our customer service. To contact us regarding questions about our GDPR work or regarding your rights as a registered user, email us at kundtjanst@shirtstore.se

Changes to this privacy policy
Changes following new interpretations of the GDPR as precedents emerge as well as other changes will be continuously published in this personal data policy.

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